Red Fife Wheat

Red Fife was the first named variety of wheat developed in Canada. Its heritage dates back to 1842 when the seed, taken from a ship originating from Danzig and retrieved in Glasgow, Scotland, was sent to Mr. David Fife. The wheat was grown in Canada from 1860 to 1890, and was the industry standard. The wheat disappeared shortly after 1900 and was resurrected, from only a few seeds, by Sharon Rempel in 1987. From the one pound of wheat originally planted in1988, more than 500 tons were harvested in 2007. Since then, owing to the dedication of organic heritage wheat farmers like Dr. Cleator, Red Fife has been actively preserved and protected as a Heritage variety.  

Beyond its exceptional taste, Red Fife imparts unique health benefits.  Not only does it contain 12% protein, but most notably, a lower gliadin content (35% in Red Fife versus 80% in conventional wheat).  It is thought that mass hybridization of modern wheat has changed its protein structure, leading to the increased cases of gluten sensitivity we see today.  Not having undergone such hybridization, Red Fife is more easily digestible and better tolerated by those with gluten sensitivities.

Churchill Global International is proud to be part of the effort to keep this rare heirloom wheat alive.